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CONTENTS Vol. I, No. 1 - 2014


  The importance of informed consent in the accusations of malpractice in dentistry
Aureliana Caraiane, Francisc Florin Bartok, Cristina Nicolae
Variation of the salivary fluoride concentration after using a fluoride-containing sealant
Cristina Nuca, Doina Paula Balaban, Aureliana Caraiane, Victoria Badea
Periodontal health knowledge survey in a group of adults from Constanţa
Cristina Gabriela Puşcaşu, Aureliana Caraiane
Esthetic dentistry – a permanent challenge
Luiza Ungureanu, Albertine Leon
Study on dento-facial aspect in young people within the age range of 20 to 30 years
Corina Laura Ştefănescu, Albertine Leon, Rodica Maria Murineanu
Fixed dentures combined with removable dentures retained with extracoronal attachments
Agripina Zaharia, Aureliana Caraiane, Corina Ştefănescu, Rodica Murineanu, Carolina Davidescu, Francisc Florin Bartok
Macroscopic demonstration and presentation of casting errors in fixed partial dentures
Lucia Elena Moldoveanu, Alexandru Constantin Mitrache, Amelia Matei



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